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“De-risk, add value and get ready” – Our primary focus

Thank you for taking the time to visit us in our official website. Please feel free to visit as often as possible as we will continually be adding information about the progress of the company together with its Strategic Business Units (SBU).

Tanzania is a stable and progressive nation with over 50 years of strong democratic government and an advanced mining code that demonstrates the nation’s desire for mining and mineral developments.

Our current in-house exploration activities comprises of inexpensive geological survey targeting the generation of structural mapping of near mine mineralization and geochemical sampling together with a review of results from a large number of shaft, trench, decline, inclines, heaps and adits from previous and current mining activities targeting open at depth resources as well as reviews of previously completed geological model, structure and trend on mineralization from regional past prospects papers and literatures while at the same time Kilamongo Gold remains focused on a ‘de-risk, add value and get ready’ strategies.

We are focused to add value to the project following the discovery of potential existence of near-mine and near-surface mineralized resources that can be transformed into wealth to maintain a strong cash flow position with little expenditure in the near term and by selecting a simple development design not only provides added robustness, but also de-risks the financials associated with larger operation that require greater capitals and for which any unfavourable change in gold price or operating costs would potentially make the operation uneconomic.

Our management team is a healthy blend of production and quality oriented talents and skilled experts with experience in mineral industry who will strive to ensure strong environmental management, social development and responsible mining practices at every stage of exploration, prospecting, mining and operations remain its top priority. Their experience and successfulness come from diverse backgrounds from which they have operated with a unified commitment, these executive forms a core platform upon which Kilamongo Gold will excel in terms of production and margin.

Kilamongo Gold will be a significant contributor to the country’s tax base, corporation tax rate is 30% and royalty is 4%. The company also looks forward to employ local people. We look forward for further review of our production plan and the achievement of our other key milestones in the coming years. Through simplified mining operation and less selective mining we are in a stronger position to get-ready to deliver a first-class-production from a known source.

We invite you to contact us and learn more about our projects and decide for yourself is there is a future for you. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or comments. 

Warm Regards, 
Richard Mussa


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