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Due to growing business opportunity as well as success in mining business, Kilamongo Gold is also interested to explore more business as well as expansion within the mining industry. Active policy system will be adopted to monitor and support various facet of mineral economic development throughout the entire technical motions of environment, ecology, biodiversity, sales, marketing, production, processing, health, employment, water, education, sports, infrastructures, disasters or emergence calls and general welfare of livelihood within the society. These policies will positively pose a challenge to our vision, mission, goals and strategies since they are aimed at promoting greater accountability, productivity, safety, output and income.


Our achievements are contemplated to our highest attainment and integrity of our Business Code of Conduct, which set forth our principles that our directors, officers, employees and partners, joint-venture, agents, consultants, business associates and subcontractors must follow in their entire endeavor, that being from laws compliance to avoiding conflicts of interest as they work on behalf of Kilamongo Gold or with it.


Community is a social setting, so for whatever reason, any corporate or organization prosperity depends on its performance as a social institution. It must impacts positively towards society developments with direct and indirect benefits to people who live in its surrounding. Kilamongo Gold views that by fostering unity among diversity, mutual understanding and shared benefits through the promotion and maintenance of open and constructive dialogue and working relationships, it will bring win-win situation between community and Kilamongo Gold towards its projects investments. This policy calls for collaboration with communities, including indigenous populations, to minimize and mitigate adverse impacts and cultivate opportunities to maximize benefits.


Kilamongo Gold plans to implement environmental management controls and strategies to identify, minimize, mitigate and wherever possible, avoid, eliminate environmental impacts arising from its operations. Through its developed Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Social Development Plan (SDP), Kilamongo Gold has developed a mechanism that links environmental hazards to their mitigation measures (Protection Plan).  This policy outlines our duty to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment using risk management strategies based on valid data and sound science practices and where practicable, to protect and enhance the quality of the environment in areas where we operate.


This policy outlines our dedication to respecting and promoting human rights wherever we do business. We respect the rights of all individuals, including employees, suppliers, community members and others who may be potentially impacted by our business. The policy also calls for the alignment of our human rights due diligence practices with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. 


Kilamongo Gold places health of its employees, communities and others participants as number one priority. Nothing is more important than the health of our employees and our families. Our objective is for zero workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and adequate resources through training programs, health incentive services and occupational health programs. This policy sets forth Kilamongo Gold's practices regarding health activity.


Safety is ultimately about people, their welfare and wellbeing as opposed to their working environment and not numerical projections. Anything that undermines the welfare and wellbeing of people or workforce is a compromise to their safety, the result may be detrimental. Kilamongo Gold policies, standards, programmes and targets are set forward to shape and improve our performance targets, but they alone will not deliver our safety vision. Kilamongo Gold will ensure that all employees including contractors are fully instructed, trained, educated and understand our hazard identification criteria, assessment as well as reporting procedures so that our team members could take ownership of their own safety and also watch out for the safety of their workmates as well. This policy outlines forth practices regarding to safety of our workforce.


Peoples are social beings with power to resist or give required or expected output or results. Our strategy is to win the best stupendous results out of our workforce. At Kilamongo Gold, we will treat each other honorably with respect and seek constantly to provide opportunities for professional progress, personal growth in workmanship and apprenticeship as well as career development. We will foster a working environment that celebrates, embrace and supports unity among diversity with respect to individual talents, strength of the mind, uniqueness of intellect and personal achievements. We recognize that as a mining company we must also remain sensitive to local cultures, customs and practices of our people as this will blends our economic pursuit to their social identity thereby we win each other for the best of all.



Kilamongo Gold security team enables the company’s success through development and implementation of security practices that create a secure working environment. The security function is particularly important to safeguard employees and protect company interests. The Kilamongo Gold Security policy reflects Kilamongo Gold’s vision to be the global African mining company with word-class capabilities, the security team is committed to best practice approaches committed to act in accordance with the Human Rights and employs highly trained professionals, recognized global standards and appropriate technologies that meet the company’s needs wherever we operate. Our comprehensive security approach focuses on:

  • Effective standards, policies, and procedures
  • Appropriate response to incidents
  • Risk management
  • Strong control measures


Kilamongo Gold Precious metal market trades in daily basis in the Landon Base Metal Exchange. There is always demand for Gold. There is no competition because there are no enough precious metals available in the market. Market share is not a major factor. The main factor is how many tons per hour you can process to recover the precious metal and the grade of the mineral Ore and ultimate gold percentage. Current demand in target market is huge. Gold is used in manufacturing of electronic products, jewellery and also as a store of value.


Kilamongo Gold has adopted strategic planning philosophy as a fundamental in its organization and is also being hereby adopted as its marketing tool in the performance of total marketing efforts. The potential customer base of gold and other minerals is large and diverse. Widespread advertising campaign with regard to investment policy, Community Policy and Return on Investment through both local and foreign media will be in place while provision of comprehensive maximum flexibility to conform to both local and foreign customers, government regulations, funding agencies criteria and customers’ requirements together with the requirement of local Government concerned.


Kilamongo Gold is therefore highly emphasizing and ensuring that its corporate record and reporting policy is being committed to maintaining high standards of the corporate management philosophy. The policy has been designed to meet long-term objectives. Monitoring procedure are being adopted and adhered to through various period physically and documentary appraisal at the operational areas to discuss on clarity, cleanliness and openness of reports which are sent to relevant authorities or funding Agencies or to be used for future development.



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